See The Big Picture with Stephen Wiltshire - Witness history in the making as he draws the Singapore skyline from memory at Paragon from 16-20 July!

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To commemorate the reopening of the St Pancras Station, The Daily Telegraph commissioned Stephen to produce an exclusive drawing. He took just two hours to capture every detail of its refurbished interior.

A moment in the noisy and chaotic rush hour of New York may escape our full attention when we’re out and about, but for Stephen, this is the essence of one of the greatest cities on earth.

The stunning details of this pen drawing capture the canals of Venice and its breathtaking surroundings immaculately.

Although conclusively different to Stephen's other favourite cities, his enthusiasm for Venetian Gothic buildings can, at times, be as great as his love for skyscrapers.

"I Love New York City".

Stephen's spiritual home on street level with its people, traffic and busy street signs depicting the chaos and order that fascinates him so much.

Probably the most famous building in the world, the Houses of Parliament in London shows Stephen's love of classic Gothic architecture and his skill of capturing every detail with his beautiful penmanship.

Stephen is the first artist to be invited to The View from The Shard to capture the ever-developing London skyline from the vantage point of Western Europe's tallest building, at 244m/800ft above ground.

His drawing, looking northeast over the capital, features the iconic landmarks of city – HMS Belfast, Tower Bridge and Canary Wharf – in spectacular detail.

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