You’ve got to hand it to him.

While most eight-year-olds were drawing stick figures, he was drawing the world’s attention.

He can draw any city landscape completely from memory after only seeing it for an instant. Even more extraordinary is the staggering attention to detail in each piece - where every building, window, door, column and street is precisely correct in number, size and placement.

Such is the depth of his visual memory.

Yet there is no scientific understanding of how he does it.

As a child he was diagnosed as autistic and was late to develop speech.

It was not until he was five years old that he spoke his first word: "paper". His second word was “pencil”. He never stopped drawing since.

And that changed his life forever.

The world became his oyster.

His distinctive artistry took him around the iconic cities of the world - from London to New York, Tokyo and Shanghai on giant canvasses.

With him, out of the ordinary is all in a day's work.

If the uncanny and the incredible pique your curiosity, this is the one to watch.

Singapore, the phenomenon is appearing soon.

Stephen Wiltshire, the prodigious savant is coming to take on our Singapore skyline. See the big picture. Witness history in the making.

16 – 20 JULY 2014 • 10AM – 5PM • PARAGON

To watch videos of The Phenomenon in action, click here.