There are somethings in life that simply defy explanation.

What is it about the mystery of the savant's mind that piques our curiosity?

Many have seen the movie Rain Man, but how many know the real man behind that lightning card-calculating inspiration is Kim Peek?

Fondly hailed as the 'Kimputer', he has memorised over 12,000 books; has calendar calculating abilities and a unique ability to read rapidly at the speed of 8 to 10 seconds per page.

Ellen Boudreaux can tell you the time - precise to the second without having ever seen a clock - and she is blind.

Daniel Tammet can recite from memory Pi to 22,514 decimal places and speak more than 10 languages, one of which is Icelandic.

There is another.

Even science cannot explain his extraordinary ability.

A rare prodigious savant, he draws stunningly accurate representations of city skylines after having only observed them briefly. Capturing thousands of details like a blueprint with the naked eye.

Words cannot describe the depth of his prodigious memory... one of the most brilliant of nature's creations.

Singapore, the opportunity of a lifetime is here.

Stephen Wiltshire, the prodigious savant is coming to take on our Singapore skyline. See the big picture. Witness history in the making.

16 – 20 JULY 2014 • 10AM – 5PM • PARAGON

To watch videos of The Savant in action, click here.